Sweet as strawberries

This past week our grocer had the most amazing plump and sweet strawberries.

I’ve been back everyday to pick up a couple of punnets.

We are big fruit eaters here in this house, so often the berries are eaten straight from the drainer before I can even put them in a bowl.

We’ve had them plain. . . soaked in brandy (mmmm). . . and with ice cream.

Then last night I made them extra special for my Tuesday night class.

It only required two extra additions. . . sponge cake and white chocolate.

Simply thread berries and sponge cake onto skewers. . .

drizzle with melted white chocolate. . .

. . . and you have the most amazing sweet and delicious strawberry cake skewers.

They looked fabulous, but much like the strawberries draining in the sink. . .

these little babies were gone super quick!

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Hugs ~ Kerry