A very bizarre thing happened the other day . . .

and while this strange but true story still has me scratching my head, there is a happy ending.

So while I share with you the weird and whacky goings on here, let me show you some of the gorgeous new goodies that I’ve been unpacking this past week.

So this story has a very ‘Pinteresting’ beginning. While I was pinning I came across a pallet make-over that really peeked my interest. . . then there was another one and another one and before you know it, I’m wishing I had me a wood pallet. Now even though I didn’t think any pallets would be coming my way any time soon, I still kept saving those project ideas.

Then, during the course of our backyard renovations we ordered a large quantity of pavers. Imagine my delight when they were delivered on 3 wood pallets. My poor husband was eyeing off those pavers with dismay, but there I was on hands and knees checking out the quality of the wood pallets underneath.

Hubby soon emptied pallet number 1 of pavers and I was able to check her out properly. What an absolute beauty. . . she even had some nifty stencilling down the side that was going to fit my pallet project perfectly. When I explained my pallet make-over intentions to my hubby he gave me one of those hubby looks . . . you know the one . . . a doubtful ‘you’re doing what’ mixed with a hint of amusement. But he humoured me all the same and put pallet number 1 down the side of the house for later on.

The next week pallet number 2 was empty, but I was so disappointed when I realised she was old. . . very old and dilapidated. It was decided she was only fit for firewood, so she was placed up on her side up against pallet number 3 and her full load of pavers.

We then copped a couple of weeks of disgusting winter weather and the paving came to a standstill and so too did my hubby’s desire to pull pallet number 2 apart. . . so there she stood for awhile longer.

So this is where it all gets a bit BIZARE.

I’m out the front collecting my mail the other day when I happen to cast a glance across my front yard. . . and I notice something out of place.

I race over to where pallet number 3 stands with her full load of pavers. Pallet number 1 is still safely stored down our sideway. That old girl pallet number 2 is leaning against the pavers and low and behold, leaning up against pallet number 2 is . . . pallet number 4!!

How bizarre . . . I phone my hubby who is working out of town and ask him how many pallet did we have. . . he says 3. I check the delivery docket, which also says 3. I race back outside and can clearly see the indentation in the lawn where pallets number 1 and 2 had been earlier. We definitely only ever had 3 pallets.

So I head out to the front of our house and I’m looking up and down the street. . . I’m not sure what I expected to see. . . maybe a neighbour who yells out “Hi there, I saw your ‘Pallet Make-over’ board on Pinterest and thought I’d add to your inventory”. . . or maybe a “saw you had a few pallets there didn’t think you’d notice another one”.

Let me tell you, I was a bit miffed. . . because pallet number 4 was a shocker. It was old, split, full of rusty nails and spray painted a cobalt blue colour. I could perhaps overlook the fact that someone had ‘dumped’ a wood pallet on our property if I could have at least used it, but this was another one destined for fire wood.

Now I ask you, who walks 10 meters onto someone else’s property and dumps an unwanted pallet. Even stranger, have you ever tried to carry one of those things, they are really heavy and usually need two people to carry them. See, it just keeps getting more bizarre because that means two people went to the trouble of ‘dumping’ a pallet in our yard. Too weird!!

Now on a brighter note, during the course of these bizarre happenings I received 3 deliveries of new crafting supplies for my Boutique. I had cleared a small space in the studio to install or build a new display stand but really didn’t want to spend any money on this project. So I turned to my Pinterest board for ideas and decided on a packing crate theme. Hmm. . . I really didn’t want to use the pallets I had because I needed them for my bigger project. That meant taking a closer look at pallet number 4. . . oh boy she was bad, but maybe once she was pulled apart and that blue paint sanded off I could salvage enough wood for a few crates. . .

And so it is. . . that I now have a ‘Just Arrived’ section in my studio where I can showcase the latest stock arrivals.

That takes care of the mysterious pallet number 4, but I’d still like to know where she came from.


Hugs ~ Kerryanne