Such a delight. . . painted white

Yesterday, being Mother’s Day was a lovely day of pampering and being spoilt by my girls and hubby. We had a lovely time together. . . but then in the afternoon my girls had to work and study, so I found myself with a couple of free hours on my hands. The-man-of-the-house asked what I’d like to do, but I was happy to just ‘potter around’. . . because let me tell you, I do love some private pottering around time!!


First I took myself off to our local craft department store. . . obviously I go there quiet frequently, but it is always in a rush and there’s never enough time to just look. It’s amazing what one finds and what projects they can plan when they have time to just peruse up and down isles. Hmm. . . I did seem to came home with quite a few bags!!

Next on my free time agenda was finishing this thrifted hall table project. This one is for my own home, so has been on the ‘waiting to be painted’ list for awhile. After a good clean it got the antique white chalk paint treatment, followed by some sanding and finished with wax. I’m loving it in white and know I will be able to use it in many different locations throughout my home.

While that project dried I added some finishing touches to another project for myself. . . I was a tad self indulgent yesterday, but it was Mother’s Day after all!!



I’ve been looking for a ladder for my lounge room for awhile and was thrilled when my friend picked one up for me on a recent thrifting trip. It was sooooo perfect with well worn timber, chippy distressed paint and was just the right height for my planned project. I would have left it as it was except the paint was Mission Brown. . . yeah, not a colour I thought I could live with for long, so I sanded it well removing most of the dark brown paint. For a moment I actually considered leaving the timber bare, it was such a lovely shade of faded grey, but with a fresh batch of chalk paint mixed up I dived in for another round of white painting. I gave her just the one coat of paint and then sanded with the electric sander. The white lightened her up and by using only one coat of paint she has a lovely time worn appearance.

The ladder turned out just the way I had visualised it and will now be used in my lounge room during winter to hang up our throw rugs.

What a perfect way to finish a lovely Mother’s Day. . . 2 new home projects completed and then we were all together again last night for a family meal.

I hope all the other mothers out there got to enjoy their special day too.

Hugs ~ Kerryanne