Le Journal. . . for the French at heart

The gathering of supplies. . .

covered diary

New A4 diary. . . pretty fabrics, ribbon, lace and sweet embellishments.

diary 4

What I was suppose to be doing today was updating my new diary with all the dates and appointments contained on scraps of paper and numerous post-it-notes, which are floating haphazardly around my desk.

diary 3

What I actually did today. . .

hmmm, well I made this pretty French inspired cover for my new diary.

Now doesn’t that look better than the plain boring looking black diary!!

diary 5

Everything about it is a perfect fit for ME. . . and my creative space.

It will be a pleasure to check its pages each day and write myself little notes.

There’s already a reminded to follow my dreams. . . for who knows were they may lead us.

For 2012 I’m dreaming of a triumphant year ahead filled with new and exciting challenges.

diary 6

Perhaps tomorrow I will get around to actually filling in the diary. . .

and then (fingers crossed) I might even happen to write pattern instructions for this project.

diary 2

. . . or I may get distracted by pretty fabrics again!!

Hugs ~ Kerryanne

I’ll be partying with these gorgeous girls week.