The naughty little blogger

I started writing this post a week ago. . . then I stopped!

Sometimes when bad things happen to you. . . you just need to stop. . . take time to reflect, consider and contemplate.

This is my sad tale of the naughty little blogger.

First I have to take you back to (here) in October when I released my first ever eBook – The Creative Mumpreneur. My 100 page, nine months in the making book that was released to coincide with the 20th anniversary of my business – Woodberry Designs. It’s 20 years of business experience all rolled in to a how-to book on getting a creative business up and running; including everything from researching your product to business basics and all the legal kerfuffle, through to all the fun stuff like branding, logos, advertising, selling and networking.

I was thrilled when my friends and followers got behind me. . . they read, reviewed, purchased and promoted my book. All of you lovely ladies are simply amazing!! Thank you.

This is where the naughty little blogger comes into the story. We’ll call her a ‘mega blogger’ on account of her many thousands of followers. She was someone that I greatly admired and followed. I was so chuffed when she wanted to be an affiliate for my book that I sent her a copy to read. . . but instead of signing up as an affiliate the naughty little blogger wrote her own book several weeks later. . . a book that. . .well. . . it shared alarming similarities. [sigh]

I confronted the naughty little blogger who at first denied having read my book and then proclaimed she was in desperate need of money and did what she needed to do to create an income. . . sooooooo, I wished her great success for her new eBook - clearly this naughty little bloggers need for money is greater than my own to have such little honour or integrity!!

I suppose to the naughty little blogger I’m just a minion. . . a nobody in blogland with a small band of followers who lives on a different continent far, far away. No real threat!

So thus began a week of emotional turmoil, where at my lowest point. . . I seriously considered closing my business and my blog for good (what was the point). . .

. . .then the craziest of moments fuelled by pink bubbly when I thought it would be hilarious and kind of ironic to join the naughty little bloggers affiliate program for her eBook (seriously, that is kind of funny). . .

THEN. . . the magical moment when my posse of staunch supporters got behind me and lifted me back up. You were all there when I really needed you . . thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart!

Sometimes life sucks and while this really hurts and infuriates me, it’s not the end of the world.

A meeting of the ‘Bored Housewives Club’, (a tongue-in-cheek name for the very talented and close knit group of creative ladies I belong to) was held and aptly put everything back in perspective. In the midst of great frivolity and merriment (and lots of bubbles) I laughed till I cried, guffawed and chuckled and perhaps. . . maybe. . . even a tinkle in the panties episode!! Oh where would we be without our beautiful friends!

So before I sign off on this unfortunate episode. . . here’s one last shameless plug ~

If you want to read the ‘bestest’ ever how-to book on running a creative business, check out MY eBook,

The Creative Mumpreneur

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Oh what the heck. . . let’s go all out. . .

If you want to become an affiliate and link up to my book, earning yourself a 30% commission (that’s $6 for each book sold) it’s super easy and costs you nothing. . . just read this.

Righto then. . . got that off my chest. . . so now let’s get back to the joy and merriment of Christmas,

Hugs ~ Kerry