With a little help from my friend. . .

Chalkboard or blackboard. . . depends where you are from. . . but one thing is for sure, everyone loves them!!


So here’s the story. . . girlfriend (of the non thrifting kind) phones me and says:

She:  Kerry, I’m looking out of my window and across the road on the neighbours lawn is a broken mirror. It has a sign on it that says ‘FREE’. Is that the sort of thing you look for?

Me: Hmm. . . what sort of mirror?

She: Well, it’s kind of really big and made of wood. A bedroom type of mirror, but the mirror parts not there.

Me: Okay, put the phone down. Now run over and grab that mirror before someone else does!

So, I’m expecting from her description that it is perhaps the top of a dressing table sort of mirror. . .

and then she walks in with this.


What a score!! A cheval mirror – minus the mirror of course. I was ecstatic!!

My friend is dubious. . . but she is of the non thrifting genre, so we can excuse that.

After some sanding, several coats of putty coloured paint and a good distressing. . .

mirror2      blackboard1

Ta da. . . my new market blackboard.


Perfect for the market updates, news events and sale prices.

She comes apart for easy transportation. . . and when she’s not in use at the market, I’m sure I’ll find lots of places to put her around the house.

Here’s a little tip for you too: to clean a blackboard pour half a cup of vinegar into a bucket of warm water and wash with a squeegee.

I’ll be partying with these girls all week. Make sure you check them out for inspiring creative ideas.


This weeks studio news:

Until next time, I’ll be in the studio.

Hugs ~ Kerryanne