Eat, drink and be merry


As Santa says “Eat, drink and be Merry”. . .

and that is exactly what we did yesterday in the Woodberry Designs craft room.


I invited some creative locals around for ‘Crafternoon Tea’ to celebrate Christmas in July and the release of my new Christmas Collection.

There was a yummy dessert table. . .


lots of chatter and laughs a plenty. . .

b5   b6

. . . but a big talking point were these. . .


little yummilicious delights. . . mmmmm.

Okay. . . you’ve heard of cake pops of course. . . well I prefer to call these ‘truffle pops’

. . . or we could just go with ‘yummilicious-on-a-stick’. . . whatever takes your fancy.

Either way, there is no disputing that these lil’ babies are super delicious and the easiest and quickest things to make!


I made them in two different flavours too and here’s the best part. . . I’m going to share the recipe with you.

For your Yummilicious-on-a-stick pop thingys you will need 3 ingredients: a 200gm packet of Arnott’s Tim Tams or Mint Slice biscuits, 80 gms of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, good quality cooking chocolate.

To make the pops, you simply crush the packet of biscuits in a food processor. Add the 80 gms of cream cheese and mix until combined. Roll balls (about 1 tablespoon each) from mixture and pop in the fridge for a bit to firm. Insert sticks in top of pop using a little bit of melted chocolate. Dip balls in melted chocolate.

How easy is that?

We taste tested them last week in my Tuesday evening craft class and had them as truffles (no stick). Personally, I adore the Mint Slice ones. . . but wouldn’t say no to the Tim Tam ones if that was all that was left. Trust me, these are a winner!!!


Hugs ~ Kerryanne