Vintage Sewing Box Tutorial

Hi all,

Following on from yesterdays Mother’s Day pampering and spoiling, I don’t have my usual vigour today. It must have been all that massaging yesterday evening that has left me lacklustre. I’m obviously just too relaxed!!!

I’ve always encouraged my children to make their own gift for Mother’s day, which has resulted in the making and giving of all manner of unique treasures. Without a doubt, my favourite gift is always Miss Aimee’s book of gift vouchers. I can always count on a few head massages, foot pampering's and neck and back rubs. I have to redeem the actual voucher and book ahead for my massages with her and here’s a sign of the times, I’m now only allowed one massage per booking... [giggle] she’s bound to be a successful business woman one day.

So here we are back to Monday and not much oomph for working. I decided to go with a necessity project today rather than one I’m already working on. In my creative craft classes I have quite a few craft supplies that we share and we desperately needed something to put all the sewing cottons in.

I designed this little sewing caddy which is small enough to sit in the middle of the sewing table, but big enough to hold all our coloured cotton reels.


I used a paper mache box with a 6” diameter lid. I glued 3 mini wooden door knobs to the base of the box to make little decorative feet.


I painted the outside of the box with black paint and the inside with cream paint.


I combined two graphics that I downloaded from the Graphics Fairy to make this vintage look label in photoshop.

I printed it off, cut it out and adhered it to my box lid using Mod Podge. I then coated the top of the lid with Mod Podge to seal it. When dry, I floated a little Burnt Umber around the edges of the label and fly specked it with an old toothbrush (with Burnt Umber) for a more vintage look.


I distressed the edges of the box with sand paper and gave the whole box a spray of matt varnish to seal it.

For the final touch I added this ivory lace around the rim of the box lid.



If you’d like to use this graphic to make your own vintage sewing box, click here to download.

I’m participating in today’s Brag Monday at the Graphics Fairy.

If you haven’t already paid Karen a visit and checked out her amazing free graphics, then you really should. It is an amazing and inspiring blog.

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Okay, that’s it for me today. I really had better get back to the work at hand - new patterns.

Hugs ~ Kerryanne