Tag tutorials to entice you….

This week at ‘Simply Christmas’ we are focusing on the wrapping of your homemade gifts. In Monday’s post, we looked at getting more organised by designating a Wrap Centre where all gift wrap, tools and supplies can be stored in one place. Regardless of what system you choose, whether it be wrap as you go or doing it all in one hit, you’ll now have everything you require for this task in one handy location.

We all know that children in their excitement are going to rip that paper off the gifts as fast as they can, so it’s probably best not to hinder their mission with unnecessary embellishments. Adults on the other hand, like to be enticed with beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts. If you have gone to the trouble of making handmade gifts, why not spend just a little more time to make handmade tags!!

This is a project best tackled now so you have them ready and waiting in your Gift Wrapping Centre.

Here are a few ideas and tutorials for your tag making exercise.

Clay Tags


The first one is a quick and easy project even the kids can help with. I’ve used air dry clay that you can pick up at craft supplies and several Christmas cookie cutters.

On a sheet of silicon paper, simply roll out a ball of clay with your rolling pin to approximately 2 - 3 mm thickness. Cut out desired shapes with the cookie cutters and place cut-outs on a lined tray to dry. Make sure you add a hole for the hanger using a toothpick or skewer.


For this pretty bird tag, I laid a crochet doily over my clay and lightly rolled over the top to make the imprint. Lift off the doily and cut out shape with cookie cutter. I also rolled over some hessian for a textured look on some of the tags.

Leave tags to dry for a day or so. You can use a fine tip permanent marker to write names on the tags too.


For those of you who paint, why not paint and personalise some paper mache tags. The ones shown here are from a pattern in my 2010 Christmas Collection.


I have 3 different tag patterns available. Once they have been used as a tag they can then be re-used as a tree decoration.

Christmas Light Tag


This light bulb tag is one almost anyone can tackle (super easy). Click here to download the pattern.

I used a fine tip permanent marker to draw the outline on a sheet of white cardboard then filled in with watery paint (½ paint and ½ water). When it was dry, I cut out the tags with sharp scissors and wrote the names on. For a bit of sparkle, I painted over the top section of the light bulb (yellow area) with Mod Podge and sprinkled with opal dust glitter. Punch a hole in the top and add an eyelet and hey presto... you’ve got a quick and easy personalised gift tag or tree decoration. For a tag, leave the back white so you can write a message on it.

Candy Cane Chocolate Hearts... mmm


Isn’t it fun finding ways to use candy canes!

I’m not sure where I originally saw this idea, but it’s one I have done a few times now and everyone loves it.

Start by laying 2 mini candy canes in a heart shape on a silicon paper lined tray. For the pops I used a stick - place the pop stick between the canes where they join at the base. For the hanging ones I used some white cotton twine. Make sure one half of the twine is at the back of the candy canes.

CC1  cc2

Melt the white chocolate and spoon into heart shapes. Hold the twine up in front, so it doesn’t get in the chocolate. Add sprinkles and leave to set.

Tip: do not place in freezer to set as the candy canes crack!!

These look terrific tied onto a gift.

Blackboard Tags

Anything ‘blackboard’ is so hot right now and this couldn’t be easier.


I used a couple of paper mache gift tags and painted them with Jo Sonja Black Gesso. If you have blackboard paint, then use that. I always use a chalk pencil for nice fine chalk writing.


That’s just a few ideas to get you started. Perhaps you have some tag of gift wrap embellishment ideas you can share with the group. If you have already made your tags, don’t be shy, share them with us all.


Last week’s guest poster, Jodie from Ric Rac, has drawn the winner for her Tutorial Giveaway. Jodie’s beautiful Lilly doll is on her way to Silverpebble in the UK.

Friday Giveaway

This week’s giveaway from ‘Simply Christmas’ is a box of assorted gift tags shown in today’s post ...without the names on them, of course!

The winner’s name was drawn from the comments left on Monday’s post. Congratulations to Shelly from Wickedly Divine Creations.

I hope everyone has a creative and fun weekend,

Hugs ~ Kerryanne