Just because.........

Who's that taking time to smell the roses in my garden?

Could it be...........yes it is,
Cupcake Katie

My very own Cupcake Katie has come to live with me and my huge collection of cupcakes.

Cupcake Katie tells me that her maker; my lovely cyber friend Kris Mears of Tag Along Teddies, knew that I loved her soooooo much that she sent her down to Melbourne as a "Just Because" gift. How sweet is that?

Thank you soooooo very much Kris.
Cupcake Katie and I have had a lovely day taking tea and chatting amongst the cupcakes in the studio.

Poor Katie had to have a 'nana nap' before returning to the house to settle into her new place in my shabby attic.

Thank you to Alison and Mandii who both awarded me the 'Sparkle Award'.
You gals are so sweet - you both add a bit of sparkle to my day too!!

I am going to pass this award onto some special girls who brighten my day.
Kris - from Tag Along Teddies who has a lovely spirit and a generous heart.
Adla - from Vintage Delights who is just the sweetest girl you will meet.
Linda - from Lilly Cottage who make me laugh so loud I snort when reading her posts and just because she is genuinely one of the loveliest ladies around.
And to everyone else I have met in blogland.....I pass on this Sparkle Award to you because each of you in some way has added a bit of sparkle to my daily blog reading.