Shabby Art Boutique’s 2012 top 10 projects

As the year draws to a close everyone seems to be reflecting on the year that was.

On a personal level, 2012 wasn’t one of my better years with my dad being diagnosed with cancer in March. It has been an emotional and sometimes very difficult rollercoaster ride for our family this past year. . . but I guess these things DO make us stronger and inspire us to appreciate what we have. This seems like the perfect time to say a huge thank you for the support I’ve received from the beautiful blogging community throughout 2012. . . I truly appreciate it!

When life gets tough. . . I throw myself into my work, so it was a very creative and busy 2012.

Here’s the TOP 10 most viewed projects at

Shabby Art Boutique for 2012.

#1 – Homemade Body Lotion… just 3 ingredients!

homemade body lotion 6


#2 - Homemade Mod Podge


#3 – Home Sweet Home


#4 – French Stamped Foot Stool


#5 – Vintage French Bird Nest Cushion


#6 – Vintage Button Ball

Shabby Art Boutique Button Ball


#7 – Shabby Easter Egg Carton


#8 – Drop Cloth Bed Linen


#9 – Lace and Ribbon Storage Unit


#10 – DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Shabby Art Boutique free vintage paper 4

Thank you for sharing my creative journey with me in 2012.

It wouldn’t be as much fun without YOU, your comments and your support and encouragement.

Looking forward to having you join me in the Woodberry Designs Studio in 2013.

Hugs - Kerryanne