I survived the Boxing Day Sales!

Well. . . that’s Christmas over and done with for another year.

I hope that you and your family enjoyed a Christmas as wonderful as my own.

As a Commonwealth country, we celebrated Boxing Day (public holiday) here in Australia today. Boxing Day is also synonymous with the Boxing Day Sales. . . similar to the Black Friday Sales after Thanksgiving in the US.

Miss Aimee and I were up bright and early this morning and lined up shoulder to shoulder with all the other eager shoppers waiting for the department store doors to open.


We roped the Man-of-the-house into coming along with us too. . . to push the trolley and carry our bags.

He seemed a little overwhelmed with the rush of the crowd as the doors opened. This is definitely not a day for the faint hearted shopper!

My girls and I have a strategy. . . and approach this day like a military exercise.

My first rule is eat breakfast. The Boxing Day Sales incite some bloodlust-crazy behaviour from shoppers and I know I’ll need all my energy to face the fury. I also make sure I get a shot of caffeine into my system early on. . . just to keep me focused.


Rule #2. . . make a list. Do your research. Check out the store's website or take a page out of your mother's book and highlight the catalogue before you start shopping.

Rule #3. . . Grab a trolley, not a basket. You'll probably need it. . . and let’s be honest here, only a crazy person would fight against the crowd to get back to the front of the store to get a trolley when you realise you can’t hold all your bargains. Our tactic of taking the Man-of-the-house with us today worked like a charm. He kept watch over the trolley, while we raced from aisle to aisle grabbing the things on our list.

Rule #4. . . this is just my philosophy, but has always worked well for me. . . A bargain is not really a bargain if you don’t need it!!

All in all, we had a great shopping day and got everything that was on our list. I’ll be using most of it in some up coming DIY projects, so you’ll get to see it all then.

I’m looking forward to having a day of rest tomorrow, but I’ll be back on Friday for Shabbilicious Friday.