Guest post ~ Eclectically Vintage

Please welcome today’s Guest Blogger, Kelly from the gorgeous blog Eclectically Vintage.
I enjoy the way Kelly puts a modern and exciting spin on vintage pieces. . . if you haven’t done so already, you really must check out her 2012 Christmas Home Tour. . . you won’t be disappointed.
You can connect with Kelly at:                             
Thanks Kelly.
Remember pre-school when you drew a Christmas tree?
Every tree in the class looked alike.
Green, a few branches, a couple of colored blobs for ornaments.
But who says Christmas trees have to be green ...
or even trees?
Eclectically Vintage
Use your imagination and have fun!
Although I have a traditional tree in my living room, I like to jazz things up a bit..
This tree certainly fits the bill! Picked up at an estate sale and adorned with lights and vintage Shiny Brite ornaments, this "tree" is unexpected.
Eclectically Vintage
I want to sing when I see it (off key, I admit).
Just wrapped some lights around the ladder and hung vintage ornaments that I've collected over the years.
On the steps sit my snowy mason jar candles wrapped with burlap and a jingle bell.
Eclectically Vintage
The tree topper is an old silver trophy found at the same estate sale (that ladder and trophy were destined to be together!) filled with dried hydrangeas from my yard.
Eclectically Vintage
Eclectically Vintage
The elves have been working non-stop in my house.
The bins are unpacked, the halls are being decked and I'm in the Christmas spirit.
Come visit me at Eclectically Vintage and get into the holiday spirit with me.