Believe in the magic

There comes a time in every child’s life when a little bit of magic escapes.

A time when they are ready to move on to new beliefs. . . but what if the time’s not right!

What if someone has planted a seed of doubt in a little person’s mind?

Shabby Art Boutique - 10 ways to prove Santa Exists

Have you had that heart wrenching moment when your 6 year old asks “Is Santa real?”

Here’s my top 10 ways to help them believe in the Christmas magic.

These days with our tech savvy kids there are many helpful options to spread some magic. . .

1. What if Santa was caught on camera. . . that has to be real right!

YouTube has some amazing evidence; check out this, this and this.

2. Imagine being able to track Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve… well you can at NORAD.  This amazing site has various Apps for tracking Santa, plus activities and Frequently Ask (hard to answer) Questions about Santa.

3. You can’t blame kids these days for being a bit sceptical about flying reindeers and glowing red noses, but here’s the proof that they really exist. . . check out Santa’s Live Feed at Reindeer Cam.

You can even check in at feeding time when Santa is feeding the reindeer.

Find your time zone below:

4. Why not keep up with Santa on Twitter. . . oh yeah, Santa is so keeping up with the times. Who would have thought that Santa would have a twitter account. You can read his tweets here.

5. All Santa’s gifts have special North Pole wrapping paper. . . it’s never the same as Grandad’s or Uncle Pete’s and you definitely wouldn’t have anything like it at your house!

6. Kids love to search for their presents. . . especially if they suspect mum and dad are the providers, so enlist some outside storage help in the form of a relative or neighbour.

7. Here’s a biggie. . . what if there is no chimney!! No problem. . . leave a key under the front door mat with a note inviting Santa in.



8. “Sleighbells ring. . . are you listening?”

How about a little unexpected excitement on Christmas eve. . . let’s be honest, those kids are too excited to get to sleep on time anyway. When they are all settled in bed there might be some unexpected jingle bells heard in the distance. . . like next door or out the back. Ask if they heard that and then remind them that Santa won’t come to their house until everyone is asleep.

9. Imagine everyone’s surprise on Christmas morning to find that Santa has left something behind. . . like a white glove or a red velvet hat.

I remember one year when my girls were young the reindeers even left a big mound of poop on our front lawn – how disgusting!! Over the years we’ve had puddles of water from melted snow (given it is summer in Australia at Christmas), dirty boot prints on the floor and there was always the tell tale cookie crumbs and empty milk glass. . . that is until daddy found out that Santa preferred a cold beer when he got to Australia. . . on account of how hot it is of course!



10. The book and movie The Polar Express is such a touching and heart-warming story that reminds us to BELIEVE in the magic of Christmas. How amazing would it be if your children received a sleigh bell each under the tree on Christmas morning!

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