Vintage giveaway and special offer

My mum was a country girl.

My dad was a city boy. . .

And when they met and married, they merged two cultures.

I’ll be forever grateful for having the benefit of living both lifestyles. . . but from a young age I knew I was country at heart.


My grandmother was a dairy maid.

My pop was a bullocky. . .

And theirs was a simple country life. . . raising 6 children in a remote country area, living off the land.

House of Lucien 1

[photo House of Lucien]

When I was a child I was mesmerised by that simply country lifestyle . . . where hot water was boiled up in an old copper out the back and carried into the house in steaming buckets to fill a big old claw foot bath.

There, we all bathed in the same water . . . cleanest first, dirtiest last. I recall that often that dirty water was NOT sent down the plug hole, but re-bucketed out onto the garden. . . because tank water was precious and not to be wasted.

My grandparents never had a phone or a car . . . and with the exception of a fridge, there were no modern implements to be found in their kitchen. My Nan baked from scratch, by hand and cooked in a wood fired stove.

House of Lucien 2

[photo House of Lucien]

Furnishings were simple and practical. . . built from solid wood and passed down through generations. Time worn and chippy was a way of life. . . not a decorating style. My Nan’s mis-matched china was practical living at its best and long before shabby chic was an ‘in’ thing.

When I was growing up. . . I wanted to be my Nan.

I wanted to wear pretty aprons. . . and cook in the kitchen with the wood fired stove . . . using eggs from the hen house and fruit and vegies from my garden.

House of lucien 3

[photo House of Lucien]

I wanted chippy old furniture that belonged to someone’s old aunts, second cousins grandmother. . . and it had to have worn edges and storytelling dents and that old furniture smell.

But most of all. . . I wanted to live in the country where life was simple and peaceful. . . where everyone smiles and says hello. . . and the small things in life are appreciated.

House of Lucien 4

[photo House of Lucien]

One day I did grow up. . .

I married and had a family of my own and moved to the country.

Now I wear aprons and bake with fresh produce . . . and use eggs straight from the hen house.

My house is filled with chippy second hand furniture. . . mis-matched old china . . . and a plethora of vintage items from my Nan's era.

And I couldn’t be happier!


Do you like looking for lovely vintage wares to fill your home with too?

Well, here’s some exciting news. . . one of my incredible sponsors ‘House of Lucien’ has an amazing offer and a giveaway for the readers of Shabby Art Boutique.

lucien logo

The House of Lucien is an online Etsy shop that sells beautiful vintage house wares for dining and home. Melissa, who carefully curates gorgeous wares like teacups, teapots, silver, fine china and collectibles says that “Love is in the details”. . . and House of Lucien carries items to enhance the beautiful details of life.

For your shopping pleasure House of Lucien is

giving away a $50 gift voucher.

I know. . . how amazing is that!!

A whopping $50 is being gifted to someone to go shopping for pretty vintage wares.

How to enter:

1. Simply pop over and ‘LIKE’ House of Lucien’s NEW Facebook page . . .

2. Next take a peek at the gorgeous House of Lucien shop and pick an item that you’d like to buy if you won the giveaway.

3. Then come back here and tell me what that item is in the comments section of this post.

It’s that simple. . . easy peasy, so get yourself on over there and say ‘hi’ to Melissa.

Contest Conditions:

Open to residents worldwide.

Winner will be drawn by on Saturday 17th November.


But wait, that’s not all. . .

Melissa is so generous. . . she is also offering a 15% store discount at House of Lucien, to Shabby Art Boutique readers during November 2012. The coupon code is SHABBYART. . . so hurry on over to House of Lucien before this discount expires on December 1st.

Visit Melissa at the SHOP, her BLOG, FACEBOOK or PINTEREST.