The writing’s on the… plate!

I’m a bit of a doodler. . .

Like. . . when I’m on the phone . . . when I’m thinking or designing . . . and I even have a specific doodle art journal. . .

So when I started to see doodled plates appearing on Pinterest I knew I had to give this a go.

To be fair. . . the first time I saw this idea was earlier this year over at Kelly’s blog Eclectically Vintage, but Kelly used a porcelain pen. I had one of those pens on my ‘must get’ list for months, then I started seeing pins on Pinterest using Sharpie pens.

Well. . . I have dozens of Sharpie pens!!

Shabby Art Boutique sharpie plate 1

So this week I tried out this techniques with a couple of 30 cent thrift store plates.

My first project was to write on a plate that would be fill with homemade cookies and gifting to my neighbours.

I started by making sure my plate was super clean and dry. . . then using a fine line Sharpie pen I simply wrote my message on the plate rim.

Yep. . . that quick. (Here’s a tip… if you make a mistake, the pen is easily removed with nail polish remover).

Next I popped the plates into a cold oven and baked at 180 degrees Celsius (350 F) for 30 minutes. Then I turned the oven off and let the plates cool in the oven.

I’ve heard that sometimes these plates don’t stand up to being washed repeatedly in dishwashers, so I wrote on the bottom of the plate ‘Hand Wash Only’.


Now all I have to do is fill this plate with yummy home baking and wrap it up with clear cello and a big red ribbon.

How’s that for cheap but personalised packaging. . . I don’t even need a gift card because the message is written on the plate.

Shabby Art Boutique sharpie plate

After I realised how easy and quick this project was. . . I moved on to another one . . .  A Neighbourhood Plate.

Have you seen these around before?

They are great for uniting a street and getting to know your neighbours. . .  it’s a plate that keeps on giving.

The idea is for one person to fill it and then gift to a neighbour. They then fill it and pass it on to another neighbour. . .  and so it continues.

Shabby Art Boutique neighbourhood plate

Once again, I uncapped my trusty little Sharpie pen and hand wrote the message around the rim of the plate. This time I got to doodle a bit too!

Here’s the wording:

(Please note, that in Australia we spell ‘neighbour’ differently to the US).

‘This is our traveling NEIGHBOURHOOD PLATE to say “we LOVE YOU and think you’re great!”

Enjoy these goodies we made for you, then here is what you have to do…

Fill it with treats and pass it along, share with your neighbours  ~ and don’t wait too long!’


Shabby Art Boutique sharpie plate 2

Now my mind is whirling with other ideas for writing on my dinnerware!!

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