Guest Post ~ Thistlewood Farm

Today’s guest blogger is the effervescent KariAnne of Thistlewood Farm.

Thistlewood farm

Kari and I share something in common. . .  ‘the dream’ . . . we both made huge lifestyle changes leaving the city for the country.

While I moved from a capital city to the sea in Australia, Kari moved from a big city to a beautiful farmhouse in Kentucky, USA. You can read all about her move and her beautiful farmhouse here.

I knew as soon as I discovered Kari’s blog Thistlewood Farm, that she was a fun, generous and completely down to earth lady. Her posts about everyday life, family and DIY in her gorgeously renovated farmhouse are always witty and humorous. . . making you feel like you know her personally.

I’m sure you will love Kari and Thistlewood Farm (did I tell you her farmhouse is gorgeous?). . .

So if like me, you’d like to stalk her. . . you can visit her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well. . . but before you do, check out what she has to say below about Christmas trees.

Thanks Kari ♥


Why do you think that people count the Christmas trees in their homes?


If you haven't noticed, the number of Christmas trees in a person's home is definitely a hot topic of conversation on the party circuit this year. 


All over America right now at Christmas parties, people are asking that all-important question....."How many Christmas trees did you put up this year?"




"Why?" is the question I want to ask when they ask me.

When Santa's checking his list does he say, "Well....they haven't really been that good this year, but they do have 18 trees. So load 'em up."



I think to myself, sometimes it's not the number, but the simplicity of one.

One extra-special tree that glitters and glistens and signifies all of the wonder and joy of the Christmas season.



One special tree with glittered birds and tiny nests and mirrored snowflakes.



If I were stranded on a desert island and I could only take one tree along for my desert island stay, it would be this one.

And I would contentedly lay on a sandy beach and gaze up into its glittered branches.



So the next time you are at a Christmas party and you are asked that age old question about your Christmas trees.

Just smile to yourself and say, "I have one.... and it's spectacular."