Guest Post ~ Shabby Raggy Baubles

I’m thrilled to introduce the first of our guest bloggers to Simply Christmas.

Designs by Fee

You would have seen the Designs by Fee logo in the Simply Christmas contributors list and I do hope you popped over and checked out her blog and her new shop Shabby Shack, the home of all things "Shabby" including quilting patterns & kits, embroidery & stitchery patterns & kits, fabrics, supplies and gifts.



Shabby Raggy Baubles

By Fiona Ransley of Designs By Fee

My favourite combination for Christmas decorating is lime green and pink with some shabby white thrown in. I have had a lot of fun putting together this easy tutorial for you as part of Kerryanne’s Simply Christmas. I hope you enjoy it and have fun making your very own.



Polystyrene Balls of 2 different sizes – I used 50mm & 25mm,

Fabric Scraps at least 10” long in pink and green,

Organza Ribbon, 2 X Bells,

Old wooden picture frame,

Scissors, Pins, Stapler,

Paint Brush,

Wooden Skewer & Glue.


Remove the picture and glass from the frame and bend over any of the metal pieces left.

Paint the sides and front white. I needed 3 coats of paint to cover over the black. Set it aside.


Next make a cut in the fabric to start you off and then tear off strips from both fabrics.


Each strip should be about ¼” – ½” wide.


Next place a little glue on one of the balls and press the fabric against it.

Wait until it has adhered and then begin to wrap the ball with the fabric strip until it is all covered.


Once the ball is covered glue the end of the fabric down and place a pin in to secure until it dries.


Cover all 4 balls.


Next with the tip of your scissors poke a hole into the top of each ball about 1/3 of the depth of the ball.


Poke some glue into the hole with the wooden skewer.

Next cut a length of organza ribbon (around 20cm) and poke into the hole with the wooden skewer or the tip of the scissors.


Once all four balls have organza inserted into them leave to dry.


Cut 2 more pieces of organza and thread through the top of each bell.

Make sure the bell is in the centre of the organza and then tie a knot so that the bell doesn’t move.


Next begin to lay the ribbon on top of each other in 2 stacks.

1 Large Ball and 1 small ball in each stack and then a bell.

Make sure they are at different lengths. Use pins to secure all of the organza ribbon together.

Use some more ripped fabric to make a bow above each bell.


(I was naughty and didn’t paint the back of my frame)

Next lay the organza ribbon over the back of the picture frame ensuring that the bottom bauble sits above the bottom of the frame.

Once you are happy with the placement of each stack staple into place into the wooden frame.

Cut off the organza just above the staples.


There you go – Some gorgeous shabby framed baubles to adorn your home this Christmas. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. I have leaned mine up against an old louver door for added effect.


Fee XX