Shop, chat, sew, laugh. . . start again. . . shop, chat, sew, laugh

Do you remember in my last post I said I was off for a few days to attend to some secret blogging business. I suppose it wasn’t really a secret. . . it’s just that I was set to bubble over with excitement and didn’t want to drive you all nuts with my exuberance.

Here’s what I got up to; finally after many years of planning and cancelling and setting dates, my hubby and I travelled interstate to meet up with my oldest and dearest blogging buddies ~ Kris of Tag Along Teddies and Linda of Lilly Cottage and ‘I see the bridge’.


Both girls live in Queensland, so we met up for a 3 day get together in the most gorgeous home up in the Tambourine Mountains. We took our hubbies along too. . . ‘cause someone has to carry the shopping bags and chauffeur us around [giggle]. Actually the 6 of us got along fabulously.

lr80060a  lr80060b

The house was perfect with the most amazing views from the deck ~ that’s the Gold Coast you can see in the distance.

We started with some bubbles – Moet no less (thanks to Linda), out on the deck. . .

we shared scrumptious meals. . .


Had a pop up tea party ~ thanks to the gorgeous Mr Lilly Cottage who set this up for us in a beautiful park.


Shopped. . .


. . . and shopped. . .


more shopping. . .

(beaming smile here as I had just picked up some antique bargains)


. . .Oh how we shopped.

Lucky there were ‘husband chairs’ outside most shops.


Mr Lilly Cottage chauffeured us around in his fun bus and was very patient with the riff-raff in the back of the bus [giggle]. Special mention must be made of the horrendous fog that rolled in on Saturday night - visibility was about 2 metres and he had to navigate steep winding mountain roads to get us all home safely!!


When we weren’t shopping or eating, we were stitching and chatting. Actually, we chatted non-stop. . . all day and well into the night. Then we’d sleep some and do it all again the next day. The hubbies thought we’d run out of things to say. . . huh, as if!! Hmm. . . my throat kind of hurts today and I feel exhausted, but oh what a great few days!!

I feel so blessed to have met such beautiful friends through blogging. . . for me this is what blogging is all about. Meeting other creative people who want nothing more than to share their creative journeys, write about their days, their lives and their dreams. All of us with a common interest… sharing our love (and perhaps obsessions) with fabrics, notions, paints and pretties, vintage finds and repurposing.

For me it’s never been about building followers or making money through blogging. . . I won’t be selling space for sponsors advertising, nor will I accept payment for reviewing products. . . I know some would say this is not good business sense and I’m sure it is not, but that’s not why I blog. This here little space is about me and the creative adventures I get up to in my life here in my studio. I’ve tried writing about other things . . . I thought you might be bored with the same old thing over and over again, but my stats tell me that you all like it best when I talk about studio life and what I’m making. . . whether that is sewing, painting or cooking.

So a big thank you to all my followers. . . both old and new. I’ve enjoyed getting to know and meet many of you and look forward to getting better acquainted with the newbies here at the Shabby Art Boutique.

Thank you to the truly beautiful Linda and Kris and their spouses who made it a very memorable and fabulously enjoyable ‘bloggy friends get together’ weekend.

I’ll pop back next time with photos of my antiquing finds and gorgeous gifties.

Hugs ~ Kerryanne