What’s fat, red and jolly?

Hello. . . and thanks for stopping by the Shabby Art Boutique.


Again I find myself at the end of another chaotic, but productive and creative week. Don’t the days just seem to fly by with ever increasing speed when you have a long ‘To Do’ list to work through.

The subject matter in my studio very rarely lines up with the season outside my window.  That’s just the way it is with designing. I’m always working many months in advance, so that new patterns are ready for you come Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day etc. Looking on the bright side. . . at least we get Christmas twice a year. This is my 20th Christmas Collection, so I’ve been doing this a long time now. I remember when my girls were younger they used to get a bit confused about this practice of having Christmas around the house mid year. They’d even start writing their wish lists in June. . . hmm, perhaps this is some kind of child abuse. . . oops!!


So. . . as crazy as it seems. . . Christmas is in full swing here in my studio.

Throughout the year, I teach my art students that creativity involves using all of our 5 senses and so it is for Christmas. Sight, sound and taste are easily taken care of during the festive season but what about smell. Nothing evokes memories like a scent. Whether it’s the scent of Christmas pine, fresh-baked gingerbread or kitchen spices, the scents of Christmas are truly special. As events go, I guess that Christmas, at least, is one of the easier themes to replicate. . . even at the wrong time of year.


During the week I asked my Facebook friends what Christmas smelled like to them (not yet one of my Facebook friends. . . then you really must click here and here) . Apart from the real Christmas tree scent, the smell of Christmas home cooking was the big winner; cinnamon, plum pudding, shortbread and fruit cake etc.

So what does Christmas smell like to you?


I received a wonderful parcel during the week with loads of new Christmas fixens. . . mmmm, I’ve added these scented rosehips to my bowl of ‘Christmas smells’. The air in my studio just permeates with the delicious spicy scents of cinnamon, cloves, dried fruits and berries. Soooooo festive!

Did you spy a new pattern. . . oh yeah, a too cute reindeer head bowl filler. . . perfect for adding to your Christmas pot-pourri or scent bowls.

Hmmmm. . . taking a look around. . . actually it does look more like Christmas exploded in here, but hey, who doesn’t love looking at pretty Christmas things? Perhaps a bit of a tidy up is in order today.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Hugs ~ Kerry

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