Thrifting Thursday

It occurred to me today that Thursday is fast becoming my thrifting day of the week. It’s certainly my most relaxed day of the week; classes for the week are done and dusted, book keeping and banking taken care of too and the last two days of the week are generally appointment free.

There’s nothing I like better after school drop off than grabbing a ‘coffee to go’ from Cafe Buzz and hitting my favourite thrifting stores. Although we have quite a few here, there’s a short list of hot favourites. One in particular never fails to please and I don’t believe I have ever left there empty handed. As was the case today…


I was on a mission today, so was doubly pleased to find exactly what I wanted.

Some gorgeous silverware to add to my painting stash and this pretty teacup…


plus some haby goodies, which are always needed.


When I was doing some blog maintenance yesterday I happened to notice that I recently passed a posting milestone.

I think that calls for a GIVEAWAY, don’t you?


I’ll be re-purposing something from today’s thrifting haul especially for one of my lovely followers.

I love to blog about the things that make me happy and it’s your support and encouragement that keeps me writing about my creative world.


I’ll be back in a day or so with some gorgeous re-purposed thrifting.

Hugs ~ Kerryanne