Show us your Christmas home

Hey, this is Jess.

You probably know me better as ‘The Princess’. I’m helping mum in the studio today, although, when I suggested I hang out with her I had visions of making something creative, not actually working!
Apparently today she is going to be super busy getting ready for this link up thingy – you know, Show us your Christmas Home. So while she’s off posting parcels I thought I’d give you a quick tour of our home. Mums bound to be awhile, she thinks we don’t know that she meditates on the beach before she starts work –ha ha.

So you probably already know that my mum is really into Christmas, AND I do mean REALLY into Christmas. Our friends come here and marvel at ‘the Christmas wonderland’, but for us this is the norm for the last 8 weeks of the year. I wouldn’t change it though; my mum’s enthusiasm kinda rubs off on all of us.
Since we moved to our house at the beach, mums changed the decorating to suit our white/natural colour scheme and I really like it. So let me show you a few pics…

Entrance hall
Just inside the front door we have these stockings that mum made.



There’s also a hall table which has candles all year round (we looooove candles), plus some Christmassy things. Even though I keep eating those candy canes they never seem to run out!! 

Lounge Room
Moving into the lounge room, we have a burgundy and gold theme happening. I know you have already seen the Christmas tree earlier on but we also have a garland hanging under the bar. This is where we find our Advent bag each morning. Mum made these too.

c5        c6

Plus more candles!!

Family room
We call our family room the beach room and here we have incorporated some of our usual beach elements with the Christmas decorations.

I adore this reindeer cushion mum made.
c15  c14

Well, I could show you heap’s more both inside and out, but I think it is time to let you all do your thing now. I know mum is looking forward to seeing everyone’s homes, so what is it you bloggers say? - “show some blogging love”. Add your link to the Mr Linky thingy below.