200th Post Giveaway

Yesterday I posted my 200th Post at the Shabby Art Boutique, so now seems like the perfect time to reflect on my blogging. Probably like everyone else, I often wonder if anyone really wants to hear the rantings from my little studio.

I started this blog originally as a way for me to have more regular contact with my customers, so I wouldn't be annoying them with numerous mailing list newsletters.

This worked well for quite awhile but what I didn't figure on was the greater external blogging community that was out there - all those other people just like ME. Who knew I would find them and their crafting wares and spend way too many hours looking at gorgeous crafting eye candy. Even stranger, who knew they would also come visiting me and become my friends and followers. This is one terrific community we have here. We share the ups and downs of each others lives, we understand and empathize when projects go wrong, we encourage and support when uncertainly strikes and best of all... we totally get each other!!

This crazy mismatched gang of artists and crafters from all corners of the globe, all nationalities, religions and thanks to Google Translator, we even get past the language barrier... we are blogging FRIENDS and this is what makes blogging so wonderful!!!

So, here's where I get to say thank you to you, my blogging friends. It's been awhile since I had a GIVEAWAY so this time I have 5 individual gifts. I'm tying the giveaway in with my e-course and giving 5 friends free enrolment in the course which starts on June 1st. If you win a prize and have already paid and enrolled for 'Embracing the Passion'. I will refund your payment.

On Friday May 28th at 4 pm I will draw
5 winners who will each receive FREE
enrolment in 'Embracing the Passion' e-course.

So this is how you enter:

Okay, that's pretty easy and I know many of you will have more than one chance to win. Don't forget, the e-course is for anyone looking for creativity in their lives, not just arty types.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off now for a play date in my studio.

Hugs ~ Kerryanne

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